What makes "For A Sore You" different?
  • "For A Sore You" Massage Therapy is about YOUR needs.
  • If you book 60 minutes, you get the full 60 minutes of hands-on time. Check-in and check-out do not take away from YOUR massage time!
  • Local Business / Single owner.
  • My specialty / interest is in pain and stress relief.
  • No memberships, no dues, no gimmicks.
How do I personalize your sessions?
  • Listening to your needs for the massage.
  • Listening to your history (meds, injuries, surgeries, job, hobbies, etc.).
  • Checking your range-of-motion issues and pain levels as needed.
  • Checking your posture / gait issues as needed.
  • Discuss what’s going well and not so well with your tissues.
  • Researching & Developing a treatment plan for your sessions as well as an adaptable long-term plan.
  • Often problematic shortened and/or tight muscles need stretching to give you full relief - I’ll do that in session and teach you how to do them at home for maximum relief.
  • We may recheck your new range-of-motion & posture.
  • We may discuss your new pain levels.
  • We’ll talk about in session findings and suggested plan for your next session.
  • We’ll talk about things you can do between sessions to minimize recurrence of issues (stretches, posture, ice/heat, etc.).
Plan on a "Process"

Consider the following:

  • One session is often not enough - some situations require a couple of sessions, some require ongoing regular maintenance.
  • The more frequently I work with you, the more we can see the response in your tissues. Regularly seeing your response helps me tailor your sessions to your goals and needs.
  • You’ll likely feel some immediate relief from a single massage, but without extended maintenance your body tries to “revert”. It takes time to “retrain” your body, especially if you are making life changes to support your healing.
  • The longer I work with you, the better attuned I become to what works (and doesn’t work) for you.